Introducing Annamaet Sustain!


 Annamaet Petfoods is excited to introduce our newest canine formula, Annamaet Sustain®.

It’s finally here!

Annamaet Petfoods is proud to announce, as part of its ongoing dedication to green business practices and our support of a more sustainable future for the pet industry, our newest canine formula, Annamaet Sustain®.

Sustainability is becoming a major concern for people worldwide with a record high 71% of Americans considering the environment when they shop.  At Annamaet Petfoods, we strive to preserve our natural resources while still providing healthy formulas for our pets.  We are proud to announce this continuing effort, which includes the collaboration with Integrative Veterinary Innovations, LLC, the Pet Sustainability Coalition and partnering with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for Annamaet Sustain®.

Integrative Veterinary Innovations (IVI) is proud to team up with Annamaet Petfoods to bring a new concept to pet foods, not only to help the planet, but also to enrich the lives of our family members.  IVI consists of two leading board certified veterinary nutritionists that have teamed together to bring advanced concepts to the industry. By using not only sustainable sourcing, but also novel botanicals and ingredient sourcing, we can enhance the well being of our companions using cutting edge nutritional principles in a new line of diets.  This partnership with Annamaet will not only bring the high quality nutrition that we have come to expect from Annamaet, but an exciting line of innovative products to help our companions as they grow and age.

Annamaet Sustain® is a very palatable formula made with a Certified Sustainable Fish Source.  This formula also uses turkey and a totally sustainable and stable form of DHA, microalgae.  Annamaet Sustain® is a Grain Free, fresh meat, extruded formula, available in 30 lb. 15 lb. and 5 lb. bags.

Annamaet Feline Sustain will soon follow.

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