Star and Endure


Our  10 year old rescued Greyhound” Star” injured her back right leg about 4 years ago. She nearly underwent surgery, for what was believed to be a torn ACL, while under anesthesia the Doctor  re-examined her and was not convinced the ACL was damaged. So it was determined it was neurological. She developed a shaking of the leg, and when squatting she would straighten the leg out, also to lie down she would struggle, and stick her leg out straight as she lied down. It was obviously causing her pain, but the Doctors couldn’t explain why, other than it being a pinched nerve.

She has been on a regiment of Gabapentin, Rimadyl, and Tramadal. To control her pain. We started her on one scoop of Endure, 2 weeks ago, and we have already taken her off the Rimadyl, and have reduced her Tramadal from  2, sometimes 3, 50mg tabs a day, down to one , sometimes 2.  She was starting to lose stamina on her walks tiring after about  100 yards twice a day, but is now walking about 300 yards twice a day. Her leg has nearly stopped shaking.

Endure has truly changed her quality of life, we have noticed she has a more restful sleep at night. And she is  more active during the day, and it has only been 2 weeks. Thank you to Annamaet Petfoods, and to Endure, and especially Village Pets in Hanover Twp Pa. For carrying and introducing me to this miracle supplement, I would be happy to endorse and recommend it to anyone who has a dog with joint pain.


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