Annamaet Presents an Education Series at Global Pet Expo


At Global Pet Expo 2024 in Orlando, FL, we were thrilled to showcase our products, emphasize the importance of high-quality pet food ingredients and share our company mission, value and story with our valued pet retail partners, pet industry leaders and friends from around the world. In addition to our booth exhibit, Annamaet Founder and CEO, Rob Downey, and our company’s Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Joe Wakshlag, gave an informative presentation about Annamaet Petfoods and how we align our brand with the ever-changing landscape of pet nutrition.


Sponsored by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet industry Distributors Association (PIDA), Global Pet Expo is a world-renowned pet industry tradeshow featuring the newest and most innovative pet products on the market. The show is only open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers and a number of other highly-qualified industry professionals. Although not open to the public, you can watch Rob Downey and Dr. Wakshlag’s full presentation here! Understand more about what exactly makes good pet food, and what you, as a loving pet parent, can look for to ensure you are buying the best food for the well-being of your pet!



Rob Downey and Dr. Wakshlag began their presentation with the statement that dogs are becoming more and more humanized. This movement is being heavily led by millennials not only in numbers, but also purchasing power. The humanization of dogs means an increasing number of people are caring more about the longevity of their pets because they view them as an essential part of their family life. This is a significant shift because the majority of the population is choosing to put their money towards their pet’s best interests. Only the best of the best is acceptable for this wave of pet parents, and Annamaet Petfoods certainly supports this movement!


In this exclusive presentation, the two cover topics at the front of many pet owners’ minds. Topics such as: Is a grain-free diet good or bad for my dog? Can certain additives lead to heart disease? What are the best oils and supplements for my dog? What is the proper diet for my puppy, teenager or senior dog? Annamaet Petfoods staff answer these questions and more in their full education seminar at Global Pet Expo!


Continuing the education series at Global Pet Expo 2024, we presented a thorough overview of who we are, how we came to be and why we are so passionate about the quality of food we give, not only to our pets, but to millions of pets all over the world. Annamaet Founder and CEO, Rob Downey, and our company’s Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Joe Wakshlag, gave an informative breakdown of our superior ingredients, variety of choices for a variety of different life stages and our packaging process that supports green business practices.


Rob Downey and Dr. Wakshlag take an in-depth dive into the ingredients of Annamaet Petfoods and the formulas used to create the best possible nutrition for your pet. Formulas for puppies, small breeds, medium and large breeds, seniors and pre-therapeutic dogs are discussed, as well as post-exercise recovery chews and joint/ gut health supplements.


Don’t worry cat parents! Annamaet’s line of feline formulas are covered by highlighting the importance of proteins, antioxidants and mineral best to support your cat’s overall well-being. Fun fact: did you know our Feline Sustain-29 was named that way because Rob Downey and Dr. Wakshalg went back-and-forth 29 times until they found the purr-fect formula? Goes to show we aren’t taking any shortcuts when it comes to pet nutrition.


There’s a reason we at Annamaet Petfoods have been recognized by Pet Age Magazine as one of the leading Pet Product Manufacturers, the 2024 winner of Pet Age Dog Food and have seen our sales continually grow year after year, for 37 years. To learn more about that reason, click the video above to watch the full, exclusive presentation.


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