The Results Are In!


The results are in, Annamaet Recovery Chews are very highly digestible!

These functional treats are the soft chew version of Annamaet’s Glycocharge supplement, formulated as an ideal post-exercise treat by aiding in the recovery process to replenish muscle glycogen stores following exercise.

The literature for the chew treat category has shown a range of digestibility from 27.5% to 85%. Recent testing of Annamaet Recovery Chews at the University of Illinois has shown them to be 89.6% digestible.

More importantly nearly all of this was in the gastric phase meaning the stomach quickly degrades it so that it is rapidly absorbed similar to our original Annamaet Glycocharge powder!

Additionally, the test results show Annamaet Recovery Chews pose little to no safety concerns related to gastric or gastrointestinal blockage or distress due to poor digestibility or lack of physical fragmentation. Thus, providing a safe and easy means of glycogen repletion for your canine athlete.

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