Recovery Chews are Here!

recovery chews for dogs

Innovative canine post-exercise recovery chews help to return muscle glycogen stores to pre-exercise levels.

After ten years in formulation and testing, Annamaet has released the soft chew version of the sought after Glycocharge supplement – Annamaet Recovery Chews.  Annamaet’s Glycocharge supplement has proven to be the gold standard for post exercise glycogen replenishment since 1997.  After extensive research, both Glycocharge and Recovery Chews have been formulated to help the body rebuild stores of muscle glycogen back to where they were before exercise.  Annamaet Recovery Chews were formulated with a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist and maintain excellent palatability in addition to their functionality.

Backed by 40 years of experience with canine athletes, the formulation for Glycocharge and Recovery Chews has fueled a variety of active canines – from championship sled dog teams to police canine units, as well as hunting dogs out for a day in the field.  The supplement, now turned functional treat, is perfect for the most elite canine athletes and the dog who just got home from a run around the block with its owner.  The chews can also be used during exercise for a quick energy burst without the concern of an insulin spike.

Annamaet Recovery Chews are formulated to aid in the rapid repletion of muscle glycogen stores following periods of work or exercise.  Glycogen is the preferred fuel used by the body during work or exercise.  Research confirms that post exercise supplementation helps to rebuild the stores of muscle glycogen back to pre-exercise levels.  Giving Recovery Chews within 30 minutes of work or exercise will maximize effectiveness.

Like all Annamaet products, Recovery Chews are made in the United States and join the other Annamaet supplements with their seal of approval from the National Animal Supplement Council.

There are feeding instructions on the back of each package of Recovery Chews, helping to determine how many chews to offer depending on the weight of your dog.

  • Light Exercise
    • 30+ minute walk
    • showing and obedience
    • 15-minute frisbee catch
  • Moderate Exercise
    • a barn hunt
    • dock diving
    • agility
    • flyball
    • > 30 minutes of exercise.
  • Heavy Exercise
    • hunting
    • 30 + minute canicross
    • 30+ minute field trials
    • sled dog racing


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