“I have a 1 year old Lab/Border Collie rescue. She suffered from constant loose stools and was 10 pounds underweight (body condition 1). After ruling out EPI and SIBO with hundreds of dollars of bloodwork, our beloved vet wanted to try prescription gastro food. I didn’t want my dog eating a yellow kibble with corn gluten in it. At wit’s end, I called Annamaet. After speaking with Rob, he recommended we try Option, thinking that she may have a chicken allergy. About two weeks in, my girl is slowly gaining weight and has mostly normal stool. She has tons of energy (umm, maybe too much?) and her black coat is glow in the dark shiny and her eyes clear. She is tolerating three cups a day of Option so well. My girl was sickly and bony with a dull coat and messy eyes. Option has begun her journey to health. Thank you Rob and Annamaet. You have a customer for life” – Krista, IL.

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