Stella, Tessie & Willow


“The black and white cat is Stella and the all black cat is Tessie, both are rescues. Tessie has been fighting cancer for over a year now and has gone through 2 surgeries and multiple Chemo treatments. She was losing her fur and losing so much weight. I switched her to Annamaet and she is doing great! She has maintained her weight, her fur loss is very minimal and she acts like a kitten again. Her fur is very soft and shiny! Stella just turned 1 and her fur is so soft and full as well, she hardly sheds and has a ton of energy! My dog’s name is Willow, she was also a rescue. When I got her, she had Demodex mange, skin infections, UTI’s and etc… We got that all under control but could never get her tummy issues under control. Since switching to Annamaet she is a different dog! No more tummy issues, flaky skin or stinky ears. She has so much energy!! She now competes in Agility and she is also a therapy dog, Annamaet gives her the energy she needs!! Thank you so much for a great product, don’t change a thing!!” – Regina, PA

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