Lemon, Flour & Butter


“Two years ago, I was fortunate to discover the Annamaet pet food line.  I say “fortunate” as the entire process, from the initial pleasure of meeting Rob Downey and Kit Brown, Annamaet education and establishing the opportunity to provide this superior food to our patients, has been exceptionally positive and exciting.   It took too many years to find a ‘true’ top-quality, clean and ‘correct’ pet food –especially dry food.  Coming from a medical, homeopathic background – I struggled with pet foods.  The incident rate of illness, disease and deaths can be so highly contributed to poor quality pet food only to be compounded by brilliant marketing to a confused public.  My search completed when I encountered Annamaet.  I admit I interrogated the creator of this outstanding food when we first met.  Rob met with me and ‘Butters’.  When all the questions, concerns, data, science, etc., were discussed – I had my answer.  What a journey to find the best food!  I have multiple geriatric, blind dogs with significant medical conditions and disease (diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, gall bladder disease, kidney disease, dental disease + a few more).  Annamaet has been supporting their nutritional needs ever since.  These ‘miracle’ animals have been thriving and stable with the immense help of proper nutrition.  Not only are my own pets on Annamaet, but we changed the way 40% (yes – 40% and going!) of our patients are eating today.  You can’t go wrong, when the food is right.  Thank you Annamaet!

Lemon (adopted last year at 14 years old) – 15+ years old today!

Heart disease Grade IV/V, blind, no teeth, gall bladder disease, neuropathy…Today, stable, no CHF (yet), muscle gain despite cachexia!

Flour (adopted 4 months ago) = 10+ years today!

Kidney disease/failure, partial blindness, mild heart disease…Today…kidney disease stable & improved, nutrition up

Butters (adopted at 8 years old) – 10+ years old today!

Diabetic, severe liver disease (initial diagnosis cancer), gall bladder disease, partial blindness, emaciated, malnutrition…Today… STABLE, diabetes regulation, weight gain (finally), liver values = NORMAL!!! & incredible hair.

I am utilizing Annamaet in “powder form” now.  Lemon has no teeth and went off her freeze dried food.  She always would sneak over to the other dog bowls to eat Annamaet.  Annamaet is a better diet but having no teeth made that hard.  I came up with the idea a few months ago to pulverize Annamaet in the blender to powder form, add water to a gruel consistency and serve.  I am sure others have conducted this method, but this is a great way to give Annamaet, especially since she went off all other food and only wanted to eat Annamaet – the kernels were not working.  Lemon has now been on 100% Annamaet all the way.  The 24% option and mixed with the grain frees has been working amazing.  The veterinary specialist has noticed a huge change the past few months since she has been on it, stating how she looks good but when she examines and palpates, how she even feels better externally (and of course internally).

So grateful for this food!

Best to all of you” – Kimberly, PA.

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