Annamaet Petfoods Turns 33


What’s in a name?

The easiest way for me to help someone pronounce Annamaet is like the verb, “animate”.  The dictionary definition of animate is “bring to life” or to “give inspiration, encouragement, or renewed vigor to.”  Luckily, this works pretty nicely as we formulate our dog and cat foods to provide the optimum nutrition to give your pet more life and vigor.

In reality, our company is named after my mother, Anna Mae Downey. That’s the true meaning and inspiration of the Annamaet name.  A different, yet much more meaningful and important name to me and our family. My mother had a real soft spot for animals and it is through her that I formed my life-long passion and dedication to animals.  When Mary Jo and I started this company, the name that made the most sense to us was to honor where it started.  By chance, or perhaps by an even greater fate, the first bag of Annamaet Petfoods was sold on my mother’s birthday, 33 years ago today.

The name of Annamaet and the November 21st birthday is not just a fun coincidence, it is an integral part of why we founded this company and what it is today.  We are a family owned and operated company with a passion for pets.  Dogs in the office is not only a cool perk of our business, but it’s the only way we could ever operate.  (We do apologize for barking in the background if you’ve called in to ask us a question).  Mary Jo and I are extremely proud to have the second generation of Annamaet working in the business in key roles, and to have the third generation of Annamaet roaming the halls chasing the dogs.

Annamaet’s core values of family, passion, and trust began with a name and remain firmly rooted in our business today.


Rob Downey


Annamaet Petfoods


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