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Finding Annamaet
written by Kerry Sutherland.


Just over a year ago, my husband and I made the decision to bring a puppy into the family! Our nearly tween daughter was constantly begging for one, and occasionally our toddler son would join in, as well. It really was time, Christmas was coming (the perfect surprise from Santa) and honestly, we wanted a puppy, too! Still, it was a big decision, and one we didn’t take lightly. Not only was it important to find the right breed for our family, but the right breeder, properly prepare our home for a new (really active) puppy, and so much research on products, training tips and more had to be done. I leaned in, welcomed the challenge and got to work.

Without a doubt, researching pet food options was the most difficult of all the to-dos on my list. So many brands, so many claims, sooo many recommendations, testimonials, and unfortunately, product recalls. Just so. much. confusion. But, there were a few key pillars that were priority from day one:

  1. Integrity- I wanted to find a brand I could trust. One that could back up the claims made on the label, and be authentic.
  2. Quality- A a diet of superior, high quality ingredients was also a must for my growing puppy. I knew I’d likely have to pay a premium for such quality, but again, see #1 on my must-have list… If the brand was of integrity and the quality products couldn’t be matched, it would be worth an extra cost.
  3. Sustainability- We tend to seek out companies and brands that are eco-minded, environmentally conscious if possible. Dog food is an on-going investment. Face it, your dog is constantly going to need food for their entire lifetime! So, it felt right to establish this long-term relationship with a company that shared our personal values as well.

It took about a month of research, late-night reading and some fact checking too, but eventually, I found Annamaet.

Family owned and operated since 1986, Annamaet is dedicated to offering the very best to our dogs and cats. All of the meat and fish used in their pet food is fit for human consumption, formulated holistically, and made in the USA with no ingredients from external, potentially tainted sources.

The founder’s story really spoke to me, too. His experience and deep knowledge in animal nutrition, published research on pet food and international speaking engagements, coupled with a unique lifelong involvement with dogs (sled dog racing to be specific, but that’s a great story for another day)- it was just clear, this company offers both integrity and quality, two of my top priorities.

I dug deeper to find more on their commitment to sustainable practices, including their involvement with the Marine Stewardship Council, which recognizes and rewards efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. But even beyond their products and processes being sustainable, their packaging is too. And, when you think of how many dog food bags end up in landfills every year, you (hopefully) realize that this small sustainable choice matters too.

We felt really good about our decision to buy that first bag of Annamaet Puppy food, just about two weeks before Santa arrived with a Goldendoodle (to be named Peanut). Peanut’s done exceptionally well on Annamaet since day one, is always excited to eat (well, of course), the added DHA support has made him the smartest dog in the neighborhood,  and his healthy diet definitely supports his favorite hobby- hours (and hours) of playing fetch!

In fact, things went so well bringing Peanut into the family, we added a Golden Retriever to our home six months later.


Annamaet, from our family to yours, thank you for adding health and happiness to Peanut and Lincoln’s lives every day.


The Sutherlands


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