“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the “different” shape of your cat food kibble. We have a 12 year old rescue girl who needed surgery on her mouth when we first brought her into our home. This resulted in numb spots in her mouth. Consequently, she has a great deal of difficulty with the small, round kibble shapes so common with just about all of the premium foods available. I have tried so many of the other brands, only to return them when she struggled to keep them in her mouth. Over the past ten years, I have resorted to feeding her cheaper, grocery store foods to find the flatter wafer shapes. Now that she’s older, I decided to search once more for a premium food for her and was delighted when the clerk recommended your brand as one of the very few with the kibble shape I was looking for.  I brought a sample home yesterday and Mandy (as well as 10 month old Scooter and 6 month old Cami) absolutely loved it. I really wanted to start the younger ones out with a quality food as they wean away from the kitten chow and am delighted to find one good food that works for all of them. You definitely have a new customer!” – Karen, PA

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