“Harriet was found at about 3 weeks old alone and on the verge of death laying beside train tracks. She was brought to a city shelter which is where I got her to began her healing process as my foster for Ring Dog Rescue. At the vet ,we found out she had a cyst in her eye that was bulging out, skin infection, dehydration, URI and she was so full of worms that her belly was swollen and rock hard. Her gums showed a whitish grey hue and we really weren’t sure if she would make it, and she wasn’t much bigger then my hand.

I started her on Aqualuk as soon as she could eat hard food, along with her medication to clear the infections. Harriet began to thrive, she started to gain weight, her coat began to clear the infection and the most beautiful silver blue coat shined so much it almost glittered. The vet did not think the cyst in her eye would ever go away, but it shrunk to a pin point size to were its almost not noticeable anymore. She started to attend daycare and had the energy to play for hours with the other pups. We knew then that she was ready for her forever home.After she was adopted I got a call because she started to have bad GI upset, they had switched her to another (good quality) fish based food and her upset was so bad she ended up at the vet twice. It was determined that her little GI system overproduced bacteria and that she would need to be kept on medication for it. Even with the medicine, she was still having issues so I asked them to get her back on the Aqualuk. Within a week, she was not having anymore issues and she began to gain weight again! I’m happy to say her forever family continues the Aqualuk and she is now super healthy and happy!! Here are some progress pictures 🙂 ” – Mary, Ring Dog Rescue, VA.

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