Feline Sustain No. 29 is released on Annamaet’s 31st anniversary


On November 21, the 31st anniversary of the company, Annamaet Petfoods releases its latest formula – Feline Sustain No. 29! This sustainable feline formula is the cat equivalent of the popular Annamaet Sustain that debuted last year. Annamaet Sustain was the most awarded pet food of 2016. Seen below is a picture of company founder, Rob Downey’s mom, whom the company was named after. She had a strong love for animals and that commitment to pets continues to serve as a foundation for Annamaet Petfoods. Annamaet prides itself on strict quality standards, maintained through its 31 years in business. Annamaet also believes that in addition to feeding their pets a quality diet, the environment should be kept in consideration, which is why they have come up with this sustainable line of pet food!

In dedication to green business practices and support of a more sustainable future, Feline Sustain No. 29 is formulated with two certified, sustainable sources of fish. A grain free, fresh meat formula; it contains added prebiotics and natural antioxidants from turmeric, blueberry, and cranberries. Feline Sustain No. 29 is also MSC certified, ensuring that this sustainably sourced fish is traceable from boat right to the bag! A portion of the profit for each MSC-certified bag sold goes to helping protect the productivity and health of our oceans. The Marine Stewardship Council is the gold standard for marine sustainability.

Look for Feline Sustain No. 29 in your favorite local, independent retailer soon!


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